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BUILD YOUR CITY has an in-house financial solution for homeowners and access to lending for
landowners and developers. Through the expertise of our team and 3rd party relationships with
top tier lending institutions, BUILD YOUR CITY has created a platform that benefits both sides of
a growing market.

BUILD YOUR CITY Cluster Community offers spaces usually only found in office spaces or malls. Shared business
spaces that offer state of the art business resources and accommodations.
Printing, Shipping, Day-Use Private Rooms, Free WiFi and Conference Rooms.

Having great workflow isn’t the only thing important in life. This is why every YOURCITY Cluster Community
offers an on-site wellness center that gives Best-In-Class Health & Wellness services to all residents and guests
at an affordable annual fee.
Facials, Massage Therapy, Manicures, Pedicures, Reflexology, Sauna

Sharing a wave or salutation with a neighbor gives us a specific cense of joy.
The YOURCITY Cluster Community is built around the idea of a small village. The ability to enjoy outdoor
environments close to home always brings an added bonus as well as engaged in outdoor activity is
essential to healthy lifestyle.
Outdoor spaces including:
– Pools
– Patio/Grill Areas
– Walking Trails
– Jogging Trails
– Outdoor Workout Gyms

BUILD YOUR CITY Cluster Community allows for a neighborhood environment that gives space connectivity and
networking. On-site events, workshops and lifestyle packages will be offered to residents and guests on a
monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

BUILD YOUR CITY Smart Cluster Communities are designed and developed using Smart City ideas and fusing
them into a smaller neighborhood environment.
Integrating technologies that allow for a more seamless way of life is what Smart City development is all about.
Using WIFI, AR/VR, on-site apps, touch technology, fiber-optics, eco-friendly environments and shared spaces
helps YOURCITY Smart Cluster Communities bring the 21st century to your home and neighborhood.